Good things happen when you least expect.

Clean Glow wasn't something I had planned. I was working my 9-5, but my 5-9 was creating music. August 2017, I was at a housewarming, and the only other person of color and I were talking about his starter locs. I asked what he was using to keep his hair moisturized, which lead me to bringing out my (what was at the time) just my stash of homemade butter. He loved it, and a couple months later asked if I could send him some. Again, the idea of starting a business didn't cross my mind - I was happy to share what I loved with a new friend. As I was making his batch, I posted a on my Instagram story the butter with the caption "who wants some?" To my surprise, several friends seriously responded with "Yes!" And once they received their batch, they told their friends. I needed to keep track of it all. So I started this little store. 

I'm passionate about what goes on my skin. I suffered from cystic acne for years as well as dry scalp. I have thick, natural textured hair. I love moisturizers and learning about everything available to our skin and hair. Clean Glow is living and thriving honestly. It's about making the impossible possible. It's about growing out your hair and improving your complexion. But what I love most about Clean Glow, is how it's given me confidence to be my best self. And I want to share that with you!

With all my heart, thank you for being here. 


Founder, Clean Glow Shea Butter